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Reproduction and WeddingReproduction or perkembangbiakan intended for hatching eggs fertil / terbuahi well by a male duck . While the marriage system that is known to have two kinds of hand mating duck / duck feed that is made by man and nature mating ( mating ducks naturally ) .
E. MAINTENANCE1 . Sanitation and Preventive ActionSanitation pen is absolutely necessary in duck raising and preventive action (prevention of disease ) have been observed since the onset of the disease early to be wary of .

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2 . Controllers DiseaseDone at any time and carefully and comprehensive. Disability and tackle seriously when there are signs of unhealthy ducks .( 3 ) Animal Feed ;
3 . Grant FeedFeeding the ducks in three phases , namely phase STATER ( age 0-8 weeks) , grower phase ( age 8-18 weeks) and phase screen ( age 18-27 weeks) . The third phase of the feed in the form of feed so the factory ( in practice ) to code each phase . How to feed is divided into four groups , namely:

Age 0-16 given day on a flat feed ( tray feeder )
Age 16-21 days will be given to the feeder tray and spread the floor
Age 21 days samapai 18 weeks spread on the floor.
Age of 18 weeks , 72 weeks , there are two ways , namely: the first 7 days on feed with attention shifting production start laying eggs until production reaches 5 % . Once the duck feeding ad libitum (continuously ) .
In the case of duck feed ad libitum , to save on the cost of feed rations own good common place diranum from materials such as corn , bran , fish meal , bone meal , cake and VITERNA use as feed supplements .
Grant drinks duck , duck also based on age , namely:

Age 0-7 days, for the first 3 days are added VITERNA iar drink .
Age 7-28 days, the drinking edge of the enclosure and given drinking water ad libitum (continuously ) with the addition of VITERNA to drink water .
Age 28 days afkir , a drink form rectangles measuring 2 mx 15 cm and height 10 cm to 200-300 pieces . Cleaned every day and give VITERNA to drink water mixture .
Duck Duck Breeding Broiler And LayerNatural Products Nusantara ( NASA ) used is VITERNA , POC NASA and HORMONIK .
1 bottle 1 bottle HORMONIK VITERNA + + POC NASA = 1100 cc enough for around 100 animals .
How to apply: Judi Poker Online dan Domino Kiu Kiu Uang Asli Indonesia Plus so a platform , 1 bottle VITERNA PLUS + 1 bottle of NASA POC + 1 bottle HORMONIK . Then take 1 cap ( 10 cc ) mixed with 10 liters of drinking water livestock / feed anything. Enough is given 2 times a day . Enough to duck laying 3 days ( so not overweight , and egg production remains smooth and increasing)

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To maintain moisture , do not need to use the atomizer machine

To maintain moisture , do not need to use the atomizer machine , DAK build or pond water . At home swallow adequately equipped minimalist bowl or bucket of water . Juanda , for example , uses 25 buckets placed on the floor . Yet little humidity in the house much influenced outdoor environment. Even the presence of a pile of dirt in the room alone swallow can increase humidity . Impurities that must be diligently cleaned so that the air inside the building is kept clean , healthy , and ammonia gas does not contaminate the nest color .
BisnisProblem building materials , can be selected according to taste . Bardiansyah using a wall of brick and cement . The floors are made of boards , not concrete , because waletnya house standing on the kitchen . While Juanda uses material from meranti wood good for walls , floors and lagurnya . ' Because of low cost , capital could be back after 2 harvests a nest , "said Juanda . ( Tri Susanti & Arief Budiman Drs , consultants swallow in Kendal , Central Java )SOUNDS MORE COULD his voice . That piece SENTENCE SOUND TECH BRAND TELEVISION bazooka FEW YEARS AGO . EXPRESSIONS THAT REPRESENT PAS swallow HOUSE TWEETER NEW FINDINGS THAT CAN TRANSMIT SOUND FAR : TWEETER bazooka .Tweeter cannon shaped like a tube that starts to peep Collocalia fuciphaga breeders in the homeland as Pontianak , West Kalimantan , and Surabaya , East Java . Any breeders in Malaysia and Vietnam . The cause of this new tweeter in addition to functioning swallow fishing is also environmentally friendly . No disturbing noises around the house the residents of saliva gold .Conventional tweeter -type funnel allegedly caused quite a disturbance . Three years ago in the center of swallow in Sedayu , Gresik , East Java , a group of people to go to a house swiftlet sound tweeter due uninterruptedly throughout the day . ' They were interrupted because of the sound of the tweeter funnel spread to residential areas , "said Ubaidullah Thohir , swallow practitioners in Gresik . Lucky this problem can be resolved peacefully . That would not happen if using a bazooka tweeter .long-distanceTweeter bazooka sound not only focus to one point , but also can emit sound more distant echoes . Conventional tweeters reach a distance of approximately 100 m . ' It could even be shorter , only 50 m , if obstructed buildings in the center like a swallow swallow Sedayu , ' Ubaidullah said .Tweeter bazooka made ​​by modifying a conventional tweeter muzzle . ' If the tweeter modified snout is longer , and the lower the frequency the longer the sound waves so that the sound can be heard even further , "said Hary K Nugroho , consultants swallow in Kelapa Gading , North Jakarta . Not only that , the excess tweeter has a bazooka to 100 watts of power ; Conventional power 1 watt tweeter . That means the power of a bazooka tweeter is much higher , reaching areas as far as 500-1,000 m .
Obat pembesar Penis VimaxAlthough the sound is more focused , but need careful installation of the tweeter bazooka . ' Do not get the wrong target , "said Harry . To invite swallow , tweeters

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sufficient air circulation and safety .

sufficient air circulation and safety .- Ventilation should be sufficient so that the warehouse remains stable in the temperature and evenly .- Floored storage area fitted with a false floor height of at least 15 cm , so the corn is not in direct contact with the floor .- Avoid a gap in the wall that can be used as a hiding pests .
ABCBOLA.COM Agen Judi Bola Terpercaya Piala Dunia 2014 - Net warehouse Surroundings of the bush in order not to be used for climbing rats , and sheds moisture.b ) Storage of seeds :- Form berkelobot cob , corn on the rack hanging in the smokehouse every day .- Form shelled , after being mixed with dry ash , grain wrap tightly with plastic airtight , then store in a container and closed . The container can be a kind of silo timber or drum . If the grain moisture content of 10% , then the mixture of ash is not required .c ) Storage for consumption :To form a turnaround with 12 % moisture content , corn wrapped tightly in plastic or airtight cans , plastic coated or wrapped in a sack and kept in a clean and dry place .8.5 . Pewadahana) Purpose- Ease of handling ( transport and storage )- Protection from the weather is expected to packaging can protect corn seeds from adverse external weather eg high humidity , rain leaks etc.- Protection from pests during storage- Protection from nuisance fungib ) the packaging material can be used ; plastic bags , paper bags , or rigid containers .c ) material requirements- Packaging materials should be air permeable so air requirements can be met and the seeds can be disposed of excess acid- Easily obtained and relatively inexpensive- Can be used over and over again- Can save space8.6 . Sorting and ClassificationAfter dipipil , corn kernels are separated from the remnants of cob , small seeds , broken seeds , empty seeds , and dirt This action is very useful to avoLIGADAUN.COM AGEN TARUHAN BOLA PIALA DUNIA 2014 CASINO TANGKAS POKER ONLINE TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYA id / suppress fungal and pest attack during storage .Seed material requires uniformity in the form and size of the seed , so the separation is very important . There are different ways of cleaning or memisahan corn mixture separation dirt yet sifted manner will get good results .

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Treatment of land for soybean

Treatment of land for soybean cultivation is very important , because it should germinate with soybeans semppurna dpat maximal developed so SOCCERINDO AGEN BOLA ONLINE WORLD CUP 2014  that , in addition to the seeds also need moisture and oxygen.
soybean cultivation , planting kedelaiPemanfaatan technical irrigated rice land is still not optimal , most still have the cropping pattern of rice - rice - fallow , thus the first ma - naman index is still below 300 . majority there who use the cropping pattern of rice - rice - rice . The cropping pattern is thus very dangerous for the development of pests and plant diseases , as not breaking the rice pest's life cycle . Therefore it is highly recommended in the technical irrigated rice land to use also planting rice - rice - vegetable crops or low plains . One of the recommended crops are soy , so that they would be planted into rice - rice - soybean .
Soy is recommended , because it can be obtained several advantages , namely :
a. Can increase the income of farmers .
b . Increasing employment opportunities for farm laborers .
c . Reduce import soybeans .
d . Add to soil fertility .
e . Can break the cycle of pests and diseases of rice .
Mastery of soybean farming techniques need to be mastered by the farmers , this leaflet is intended to increase knowledge about the farmers' soybean cultivation .
Varieties and Seeds
Soybean varieties that are recommended for the former land rice varieties that are early duration ( less than 80 days ) and medium -lived ( 81-89 days ) . Thirteen varieties are recommended , namely : Lokon , Guntur , Tidar , Wilis , Kerinci , Merbabu , roar , Rinjani , Lompo - rod , Lawu , Tengger , Dieng and Jayawijaya . While local
NAGALAUT.COM Agen Judi Bola Online Piala Dunia 2014, SBOBET, IBCBET Terbaik dan Terpercaya di Indonesia varieties recommended include: Elephant , Slawi , TK - 5 , Bradford and Lumajang Brewok Loka .
Things to note specifically to obtain high quality seed is a seed sorting and storage . Selected seeds are healthy , intact / pithy and have the ability to grow high . The terms of quality seeds , namely :