Wednesday, May 14, 2014

sufficient air circulation and safety .

sufficient air circulation and safety .- Ventilation should be sufficient so that the warehouse remains stable in the temperature and evenly .- Floored storage area fitted with a false floor height of at least 15 cm , so the corn is not in direct contact with the floor .- Avoid a gap in the wall that can be used as a hiding pests .
ABCBOLA.COM Agen Judi Bola Terpercaya Piala Dunia 2014 - Net warehouse Surroundings of the bush in order not to be used for climbing rats , and sheds moisture.b ) Storage of seeds :- Form berkelobot cob , corn on the rack hanging in the smokehouse every day .- Form shelled , after being mixed with dry ash , grain wrap tightly with plastic airtight , then store in a container and closed . The container can be a kind of silo timber or drum . If the grain moisture content of 10% , then the mixture of ash is not required .c ) Storage for consumption :To form a turnaround with 12 % moisture content , corn wrapped tightly in plastic or airtight cans , plastic coated or wrapped in a sack and kept in a clean and dry place .8.5 . Pewadahana) Purpose- Ease of handling ( transport and storage )- Protection from the weather is expected to packaging can protect corn seeds from adverse external weather eg high humidity , rain leaks etc.- Protection from pests during storage- Protection from nuisance fungib ) the packaging material can be used ; plastic bags , paper bags , or rigid containers .c ) material requirements- Packaging materials should be air permeable so air requirements can be met and the seeds can be disposed of excess acid- Easily obtained and relatively inexpensive- Can be used over and over again- Can save space8.6 . Sorting and ClassificationAfter dipipil , corn kernels are separated from the remnants of cob , small seeds , broken seeds , empty seeds , and dirt This action is very useful to avoLIGADAUN.COM AGEN TARUHAN BOLA PIALA DUNIA 2014 CASINO TANGKAS POKER ONLINE TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYA id / suppress fungal and pest attack during storage .Seed material requires uniformity in the form and size of the seed , so the separation is very important . There are different ways of cleaning or memisahan corn mixture separation dirt yet sifted manner will get good results .

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