Friday, May 9, 2014

Treatment of land for soybean

Treatment of land for soybean cultivation is very important , because it should germinate with soybeans semppurna dpat maximal developed so SOCCERINDO AGEN BOLA ONLINE WORLD CUP 2014  that , in addition to the seeds also need moisture and oxygen.
soybean cultivation , planting kedelaiPemanfaatan technical irrigated rice land is still not optimal , most still have the cropping pattern of rice - rice - fallow , thus the first ma - naman index is still below 300 . majority there who use the cropping pattern of rice - rice - rice . The cropping pattern is thus very dangerous for the development of pests and plant diseases , as not breaking the rice pest's life cycle . Therefore it is highly recommended in the technical irrigated rice land to use also planting rice - rice - vegetable crops or low plains . One of the recommended crops are soy , so that they would be planted into rice - rice - soybean .
Soy is recommended , because it can be obtained several advantages , namely :
a. Can increase the income of farmers .
b . Increasing employment opportunities for farm laborers .
c . Reduce import soybeans .
d . Add to soil fertility .
e . Can break the cycle of pests and diseases of rice .
Mastery of soybean farming techniques need to be mastered by the farmers , this leaflet is intended to increase knowledge about the farmers' soybean cultivation .
Varieties and Seeds
Soybean varieties that are recommended for the former land rice varieties that are early duration ( less than 80 days ) and medium -lived ( 81-89 days ) . Thirteen varieties are recommended , namely : Lokon , Guntur , Tidar , Wilis , Kerinci , Merbabu , roar , Rinjani , Lompo - rod , Lawu , Tengger , Dieng and Jayawijaya . While local
NAGALAUT.COM Agen Judi Bola Online Piala Dunia 2014, SBOBET, IBCBET Terbaik dan Terpercaya di Indonesia varieties recommended include: Elephant , Slawi , TK - 5 , Bradford and Lumajang Brewok Loka .
Things to note specifically to obtain high quality seed is a seed sorting and storage . Selected seeds are healthy , intact / pithy and have the ability to grow high . The terms of quality seeds , namely :

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