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Reproduction and WeddingReproduction or perkembangbiakan intended for hatching eggs fertil / terbuahi well by a male duck . While the marriage system that is known to have two kinds of hand mating duck / duck feed that is made by man and nature mating ( mating ducks naturally ) .
E. MAINTENANCE1 . Sanitation and Preventive ActionSanitation pen is absolutely necessary in duck raising and preventive action (prevention of disease ) have been observed since the onset of the disease early to be wary of .

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2 . Controllers DiseaseDone at any time and carefully and comprehensive. Disability and tackle seriously when there are signs of unhealthy ducks .( 3 ) Animal Feed ;
3 . Grant FeedFeeding the ducks in three phases , namely phase STATER ( age 0-8 weeks) , grower phase ( age 8-18 weeks) and phase screen ( age 18-27 weeks) . The third phase of the feed in the form of feed so the factory ( in practice ) to code each phase . How to feed is divided into four groups , namely:

Age 0-16 given day on a flat feed ( tray feeder )
Age 16-21 days will be given to the feeder tray and spread the floor
Age 21 days samapai 18 weeks spread on the floor.
Age of 18 weeks , 72 weeks , there are two ways , namely: the first 7 days on feed with attention shifting production start laying eggs until production reaches 5 % . Once the duck feeding ad libitum (continuously ) .
In the case of duck feed ad libitum , to save on the cost of feed rations own good common place diranum from materials such as corn , bran , fish meal , bone meal , cake and VITERNA use as feed supplements .
Grant drinks duck , duck also based on age , namely:

Age 0-7 days, for the first 3 days are added VITERNA iar drink .
Age 7-28 days, the drinking edge of the enclosure and given drinking water ad libitum (continuously ) with the addition of VITERNA to drink water .
Age 28 days afkir , a drink form rectangles measuring 2 mx 15 cm and height 10 cm to 200-300 pieces . Cleaned every day and give VITERNA to drink water mixture .
Duck Duck Breeding Broiler And LayerNatural Products Nusantara ( NASA ) used is VITERNA , POC NASA and HORMONIK .
1 bottle 1 bottle HORMONIK VITERNA + + POC NASA = 1100 cc enough for around 100 animals .
How to apply: Judi Poker Online dan Domino Kiu Kiu Uang Asli Indonesia Plus so a platform , 1 bottle VITERNA PLUS + 1 bottle of NASA POC + 1 bottle HORMONIK . Then take 1 cap ( 10 cc ) mixed with 10 liters of drinking water livestock / feed anything. Enough is given 2 times a day . Enough to duck laying 3 days ( so not overweight , and egg production remains smooth and increasing)

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