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Bitcoin mining just

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CoinBox.me, Mincrowallet, and Money Box Bitcoin is a free service providers bitcoin temporary storage area to collect small transaction will then be sent to the address of bitcoin, if it has met the minimum amount specified.
FreeBitco This is my favorite bitcoin mining sites as completely free and can maximize revenue by playing bet bitcoin only multiply. After an hour you can "roll," and the random number generator gives back between No. 0 to 10,000. You can get free bitcoin equivalent to 0.22279158 Btc or 2 million dollars, look at the picture below, the table payments based on the number. You can repeat the "roll" per 1 hour once every 24 hours. Bitcoin Online Business - How to Get Free Bitcoin
Getting bitcoin VisitBit free by visiting each page advertisement and fill capcha. Visibit a bitcoin site free 2014 latest release. Payments sent directly to the appropriate microwallet bitcoin address, without limit minimum cashout.
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To pemeliharaaan land cultivation should

To pemeliharaaan land cultivation should be done so that the soil does not harden , cultivation is done twice a year . And intensive treatment on the clove plant this should be done since the beginning of the seedbed to adulthood .
Good Climate For Plants CloveThe nature of the climate is to the success of this
Taruhan Bola Online clove cultivation . Plants can not stand the dryness clove , clove tree for dryness can lead to death ( in young trees 1-2 years) , dead twigs ( on mature tree ) , less productive ( the trees are old ) .
Plant cloves requires rainfall between 2000-3500 mm , but the evenly distributed throughout the year . Yet despite the many many aiar need , when rainfall is too high that is above 4,000 mm and resulted in excessive tarnish will result in death .As rain continues to cause damage to the young flowers and can stimulate the growth of algae , moss on the branches and twigs that can almost caused the breakage of twigs and branches .
Plant cloves is perfect with warm temperatures and not too humid , because the spacing on clove trees should be sufficiently broad , ranging from 8 x 8 meters . So good air circulation around the tree . Clove crop was in desperate need ample sunlight , especially during flowering.
The technique produces seeds for breedingTo obtain productive clove trees and quality , then farmers should be able to produce quality seeds for nursery needs . Terms of parent tree seeds layakuntuk taken :

holt healthy
Percabangannya start from the bottom and close
The leaves are lush and never sick
Age 10 years and above
If possible the continuous flowering
The trees will be taken when the seeds should be treated
Pulau Pari  special and privileged , among others, in a way given that a lot of fertilizer . Dosage should pupuknya more of the clove tree is dibijikan . Soil around the tree to be taken are reflected and when the seeds should be added to the manure .

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Therapy abscess disease and many types of techniques

Therapy abscess disease and many types of techniques , ranging from typical treatments such as prescription drugs or not diapotik conventional treatment for conditions such as ulcers with natural materials or one with honey .
Abscesses Conventional Therapy with honey is a simple strategy , even according to the most sedehana writer , how not , honey itself is actually organic and beverages we drink simple water or glucose , no one should be careful - hati
Mall di Jakartakan about this , because the organic matter without effect negative , also if for example you are one drink after that there will be no effect , or even a story you eat honey overdose after nothing happened because all - natural honey , especially the much healthier , otherwise if you are taking medications with chemical lesions synthetic , if you are wrong in their use and even over- dosages can be fatal also to death , because the lesion has a substance abuse policy that must be adhered enthusiastically .
Honey has previously acknowledged the efficacy of long- alcoholic beverages rich , abundant in nutrients and as an ingredient to help treat various diseases showing lesions , evidence that honey is used as the past to go round many ancient works are explained in some countries Caran honey for medicinal , even in religious books as well , described honey as a remedy for people ( al - Qur'an , An - Nahl : 69 ) .
Actually , the main feature of honey associated with diseases of the stomach , where there is abdominal organ that has a function Maasing them , honey is a cure for all components of the human stomach , but lost for here is a cure for the disease abscess . Abscess itself is an endorsement to a special digestive organs organ stands .

Hotel Murah Di Jakarta Ordinary ulcer disease to attack any person not familiar with the age of both young and old , male and female gender , ulcer patients who have spawned or at all , but the condition can strike any individual heartburn when the digestive process is interrupted .
Just how Conventional Ulcer Treatment with Honey ? Pollination and Factors AffectingPapaya is classified in the family Caricaceae . Papaya plants are herbaceous plants , trees have soft tissue , rapidly growing with stems unbranched condition , all parts issued sap , leaves dent like a crown with the petiole hollow like a pipe . Papaya plants can grow well in the tropics and sub ​​- tropics that is located at latitude 32 ° south latitude and 32 ° North latitude . Optimum temperature required is 22-26 ° C , which is good for seed germination is 35 ° C during the day and 26 ° C at night . To produce the best quality fruit , suggested in a state of full sun for 4-5 days until the fruit is fully ripe on the tree . Rainfall is suitable for the growth of the papaya plant is not too large, amounting to 1000-1500 mm per year with a uniform distribution each month . Good soil conditions for growing papaya is a system that has good drainage and aerase , fertile , rich in organic matter , pH 6-7 with a flat topography .
The fruits of flowering plants hermaphrodite ( perfect ) is preferred by farmers and consumers because of the shape of fruits hermaphrodite flowers better than the fruit that comes from the female flowers , fruit quality is also better , pulpy of hermaphrodite flowers are usually thicker than the originating of female flowers . Papaya plants
Inspirasi Kesetiaan bersama Cap Kaki Tigawith hermaphrodite flowers produce fruit with a slightly rounded shape of elongated ataumemanjang favored by markets in Hawaii , Japan , Southeast Asia and Taiwan . So export opportunities for wider hermaphrodite papaya fruit .

Based on the sex of flowers , papaya plant has three sexes , that male plants , female plants and hermaphrodite plants .
a. Male plants .
Male plants are also known as papaya hanging . This type ha simply clicking those resulting male flowers . At the end of the flower panicle sometimes perfectly formed flowers that produce fruit , but the fruit size is usually small . and taste bitter .
b . Female plants .
This species produces only female flowers . Absence of pollen from another plant , this plant does not produce seeds . In general, the resulting fruit is round and fleshy rather thin .

c . perfect Plant
Perfect plants produce two types of flowers , the male flowers and hermaphrodite flowers . Flower shape is unstable , due to genetic influences , and sensitive to the environment or the changing seasons . Responses of plants to environmental stresses such of them produces 4 kinds of perfect flowers , the perfect elongata , pentandria perfect , perfect between and rudimentary . Flowers that produce normal fruit is thick fleshy flower elongata . Flowers do not have a rudimentary pistil so it does not become fruit . Each type of flower produces fruit shape perfectly different .
The results of papaya flowers pollinated with pollen and pistil source of plant opposite sex will produce papaya plants with different sexes with a certain ratio as in Table 1 .
Table 1 . Comparison of the possibility of sex flower plants

papaya from crosses based on the pistil
Rgopoker.com Bandar Judi Poker Situs Poker Online Terpercaya and pollen sources .
Originally pistil

Originally sebuk cider

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qalalan kulaylaha iyo dadka fareen in Africa

qalalan kulaylaha iyo dadka fareen in Africa , ka dibna ku koray si dhaqso ah si ay wadamada kala duwan sida Indonesia , Thailand , Malaysia , South Africa , China , iyo wadamada kulaylaha .Dhirta Qaraha in qoyskKAISARBET.COM AGEN BOLA TERPERCAYA PIALA DUNIA 2014a ay ka mid yihiin a bocorka - Labuan ( Cucurbitaceae ) ee gobolka ay asal ahaan waxaa la doorbiday by aadanuhu / xayawaanka on qaaradda , maxaa yeelay waxa ku jira waxyaabo badan oo biyo ah , sidaa darteed in beerista ee qaraha galay soon faafo .
Geedaha qaraha2 . Qaraha nooca dalaga . Dad badan oo noocyo / noocyada qaraha waxaa lagu beerayaa , laakiin noocyada kaliya dhowr ah oo xiiso leh beeralayda / macaamiisha . In Indonesia a noocyo dalagga ku habboon kaymo, qaraha ah:

Model wareega iyo miro ofaalka ( beby qaraha / inul qare )
Iorek midab leh kore ka cagaaran qaraha maqaarka iyo Bannaankii oo huruud ah .
Qaraha jidhka casaanka iyo jaalaha (waxaa wareega iyo gadood ay yihiin )
Abuur Qaraha iyo qaraha seedless (waxaa wareega iyo gadood ay yihiin )
Fadlan dooro nooca dhirta abuur qaraha miro ku habboon ciidda degaanka . Tayada Seed waxaa laga heli karaa dukaamada beer ama wakiilada gaar ah oo bixiya miraha qaraha ka sarreeya .
3 . Qaraha beeri FAA'IDADAThe benefits of qaraha kaymo, miraha sida cusub , laakiin waxaa jira faa'iidaystaan ​​caleemaha iyo wax miro dhalinta yar qaraha qudaar . Seeds falanqayntiisa galay cunto fudud loo yaqaan " kuwaci " ( doorbidayaa bulshada sida cunto fudud a) . Leather waxaa sidoo kale ka dhigay pickled pickles qaraha / qajaar sida ama noocyada kale ee bocorka - Labuan .4 . Qaraha CENTER beertoBeerashada Qaraha dalal badan oo horumaray sida Shiinaha , Japan , Hindiya iyo dalalka ku xeeran . Beerto Sentra ee Indonesia ku yaal Bartamaha Java ( Yogyakarta , Regency Magelang iyo Kulon Progo Regency ) , ee West Java ( Indramayu , Karawang ) , Bariga Java (Aromo , Malang ) , iyo in Lampung , oo leh wax soo saarka celcelis ahaan 30 tan oo / ha / sannadkii . iyo meelaha more dalagga badan qaraha waa kaymo ee gobolka Indonesian .
5 . XAALADAHA KOBOCA qaraha5 > 1 . CimiladaA. Walad Cabdalla fiican roobabka ee goobaha qaraha kordhaya waa 40-50 mm / bishii .Meelaha B. qaraha oo Dhan koraya u baahan tahay in iftiinka qoraxduqorrax inuu dego . La'aanta iftiinka qoraxda sababa wakhtiga beergooyska sii daraysa .C. warshad qaraha The awoodi doonaan in ay koraan oo midho leh heerkulka si mug leh ± 25 darajo C ( inta lagu jiro maalinta ) .D. heerkulka hawada ku fiican tahay koritaanka dhirta qaraha waaCelceliska heerkulka maalin walba kala duwan ee 20-30 mm .E. qoyaan ku socotaa in la yar yahay marka qorraxdu u ifayaa oo faraqyo yaryar , hawo qalalan yahay hab saboolka ah ee uumiga biyaha .
Xaaladahaas waxaa ku haboon yihiin dhirta qaraha koritaanka , sababtoo ah dhirta qaraha ee gobolka asal ahaan nolosha ee deegaanka cidla ah ee qalalan qoraxda leh ee . Waxa sidan ka duwan , qoyaan uu yahay mid aad u s
ituPoker.com JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN SITUS TARUHAN BANDAR JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA  areeya dhiiri-galin doono koritaanka baabbi'iyuhu waa warshad fangaska .
5 > 2 . Geedaha A. Media Qaraha xaaladaha ciidda ku haboon warshad qaraha waa ciid ah nefis ah , qani ah in arrinta organic , ma aha acidic ciida iyo beerta beeraha carrada / Paddy in la qalajiyey .B. aysidhka carrada ( pH ) waxaa loo baahan yahay inta u dhaxaysa 6 ilaa 6.7 . Haddii pH < 5.5 ( carrada acidic ) ka dibna lagu qabtay liming leh qaadasho wax laga beddelo si aysidhka ciidda .C. dalka wuxuu ku haboon yahay watermelons kordhaya waa ay carrada ay usahashay ( buulka ka ) si sahlan uga takhalusi biyo xad-dhaaf , laakiin carrada waa mid aad u fudud in la tuurin biyaha uma fiicna watermelons sii kordhaya .
5 > 3 . Altitude TheHoryaal Elevation beeritaanka tuurnay waanu qaraha waa : 100-300 m heerka badda . Xaqiiqada ah in qaraha lagu dhex beeray karaan meelaha u dhow xeebaha in ay leeyihiinhoos ka sare ah 100 m heerka badda iyo ka badan ay gumburahana ku leh height ah in ka badan 300 oo m heerka badda .
6 . Korinta XEERARKA qaraha
6 > 1 tarantaA. Seed ShuruudahaDoorashado nooca miraha qaraha waxaa lagu beeray waa:Beelaha laga keeno , noocyada abuur badanaa triploid ( non- abuur )taas oo uu leeyahay abuur jaakad aad u adag iyo nooca Haploid (SEED) .
B. Preparation See
Dhoofiyo abuur Hybrid nooca , gaar ahaan noocyada kadib markii la doortay abuur triploidqalabka diyaar u tahay inay la gooyaa / yeelmaha kabtiisa wax yar u taagay , sababtoo ah iyada oo aan abuurku waa ay adag tahay in Gagaab , qalabka la foomka of cijiyo in ay leeyihiin qaab dheer saddex xagal waa yaryar iyo meel yar oo uu leeyahay dusha ballaaran la siiyaa . Nooca Haploid si fudud lagu beeray sida miraha aan aad u adag sidaas darteed si fudud u kala qaybiyaan waqtiga biqilka .
C. Technique Seeding SeedFarsamada seeding Qaraha waxaa loo sameeyaa iyada oo loo marayo tallaabooyin badan , kuwaas oo :
* Abuurka 1 abuurka Extensional qaraha loo horumariyo si ay ufududeeyo habka koritaanka .
* 2 barareyso abuurka ah ee unug isku dhafan ee sheyga daroogada : 1 rubuc ee heerkulka biyaha diiran ee 20-25 digrii C; 1 qaado yar hormoonka ( Atornik , Menedael , Abitonik ) 1 qaado oo ku masax cadaadisay ( daroogada ah antifungal ) sida: Difoldhan 4T , Dacosnil 75 WP , Benlate , 0.5 ën bactericidal cadaadisay ( Agrept 25 WP ) .Ka dib markii barareyso 10-30 daqiiqo , laga saaro Sadiiq ilaa biyuhu ma soo qulqulaya , mamar kale iyo abuurka oo diyaar u ah Gagaab .
* 3 Dayactirka Nurseries / SeedingBacaha waxaa ku rid ka yihin isku xigta in iftiinka qoraxdu yahay full qorrax inuu dego . Marka la eego a ilaalinta muuq- la mid ah lagu koriyo mini oo fur leh hal dhamaadka geesaha u furan .
* 4 fecundación waxaa loo sameeyaa iyada oo caleemaha in ay dardar galisohorumarinta abuurka qaso daroogada , si joogto ah loo sameeyaa 3 maalmood oo kasta .At 14 maalmood , miraha ku wareejiyay field uu shahadiyaar u beerto abuur ah .
* 5 Barakac SeedKa dib markii abuur seeding biqilka waxaa loo sameeyaa iyadoo la isticmaalayo bacaha ahSize caaga : 12 cm x ( 0.2 si 0.3 ) mm . Mid ka mid ah bac oo ah farcankii beeray( Corner gooyaa meelo ka filan for yareynta biyaha lagu ridayaa ) iyocontent ee ciidda ay la organic Halabuurka bacriminta isku dar ah :1 qayb ciidda beerta ,1 qayb ka compost / hum
Eyangtogel.com Togel Singapura | Togel China | Togel Sydney | Togel Cambodia us ,1 qayb ka digada oo la la kariyey .Ka dib markii geedo 12-14 maalmood jir ah oo ay leeyihiin caleenta 2-3 qaybood ,meelaha kordhaya in lagu hawl galaa guuray .
6 > 2.Pengolahan Media Plant QarahaA. PreparationMarka aagga hore ee beerta , loo baahan yahay in la nadiifiyaa ka soo dalagga hore ayaa weli sii kordhaya . Marka beeraha bariiska hore , ciid maalmaha ugu horeeya waxay ahayd hoe fudud engegay , ka dibna bartay pH ciidda .
Saacado Furitaan B. LandLand beeray dib u noqoshada dhulka sameeyo inay dalka baabbi'iyaanup kala siman . Oo xididdada geedka gadaal Libaax / shabakad hore tuuray baxay degaanka , iyo sidoo kale nooc kasta oo dhagax weyn oo la tuuraa , si aanay u saamayn horumarinta dhirta qaraha loo beeray ee degaanka .
C. Formation of Sariiraha* 1 qare dhirta u baahan tahay sariir la kiciyey si ay biyaha ku jira ciidda si fudud ntiisa channels dheecaanku iyada oo loo marayo waxaa loo sameeyey .* 2 Number of sariirood ku xiran tahay tirada la doonayo of saf by Abdifitahaam ku beeray ( foomka saf double sariiraha , sariiro in maamula oo dhan beero ah ) .* 3 width sariiraha 7-8 feet , taas oo ku xidhan oo dhumucdiisuna waxay sariiraha dhuuban iyo sare ( sariiro ugu yaraan 20 sentimitir ) .
D. Liming* 1 samaynayo bixinta nooca nuuradda beeraha oo ka kooban xubno kaCalcium (CA) i
Afatogel.com Bandar Terbesar Situs Togel Online Terpercaya yo Magnesium (mg ) oo la neutralizing aysidhka ee ciiddaiyo takhalusi lahaayeen sunta ka soo lagudboon biraha ku jira ciidda .
Iyada oo lime carbonate lime / dolomite .Isticmaalka lime 1,000 m* 2 on pH ciidda loo baahan yahay 4-5 150-200 kg ee dolomite ,* 3 ilaa inta u dhaxaysa pH 5-6 kg ee dolomite looga baahan yahay 75-150* 4 iyo pH > 6 qaadataa dolomite sida ugu badan ee 50 kg .
E. fecundación QarahaBacriminta loo isticmaalo waa digada organic iyo bacrimin dabiici ahayn .Digada isticmaalo waxaa loo asalkoodu ka soo jeedo digadaxoolaha lo'da / digada buffalo iyo dad waaweyn ka soo xulay .Digada waa waxtar leh si ay uga caawiyaan soo celiyo carrada ka yar bacrin ah , qaadasho of 2 kg / sariiraha .

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Documentos Cinco secretos revelados contra la participación de la CIA MCC
Posted on June 12, 2013 · Documentos Confidenciales Tagged , CIA , Conspiración Latina, el papel de la CIA , Agus Sutondo , Agus Sutondo Centro de Información , Isaaq Lutfi Hasan, Anis Matta, Lavado de Dinero , mujeres hermosas .
Conspiración estadounidense que entregó a uno de los funcionarios de MCC están empezando a desarrollarse poco , Ame
ituCasino.com AGEN JUDI CASINO ONLINE SBOBET 338A INDONESIA TERPERCAYA rican Conspiraciones está en línea con la declaración del Presidente de la MCC Anis Matta dijo que la tormenta estaba pasando en MCC es parte de una conspiración sionista y la Autoridad de la conspiración. La declaración se produce un día después que el ex presidente de MCC Lutfi Hasan Isaaq arrestado y nombrado como sospechoso por la KPK , los crujientes supuestas importaciones de carne de casos de soborno barbudo en el Ministerio de Agricultura.
Conspiración Reacciona América en un Estado , sin duda desempeñar un papel en ese escenario son las acciones de la Agencia de Inteligencia estadounidense es muy famosa en todo el mundo de la CIA ( Agencia Central de Inteligencia ) . Como sabemos que la CIA es un papel muy importante en el derrocamiento del presidente Sukarno , cuando los acontecimientos Movimiento Treinta y septiembre 1965 , que ha causado la pérdida de vidas de cientos de miles de personas inocentes fueron masacrados sin perikemanusian .
El evento ha pasado mucho tiempo, pero aún así ha señalado que la historia detrás de los acontecimientos del papel de Estados Unidos es muy grande , sobre todo el papel de la CIA en el movimiento a través de un escenario que se ha diseñado de manera avanzada.
En la actualidad, se Latina involucrarse más directamente a través de las acciones de la CIA a la MCC así maltratadas como lo
ituCasino.com AGEN JUDI CASINO ONLINE SBOBET 338A INDONESIA TERPERCAYA es hoy ? La pregunta se respondió finalmente , cuando me enteré de dos amigos que pasan a vivir en los Estados Unidos y China, que predican y transmitir información por correo electrónico acerca de la participación de la CIA en contra de la MCC , se expresó dos de mis mejores amigos que hay cinco documentos secretos a la participación de MCC de la CIA. Mis dos amigos que viven en el extranjero que transmita de forma explícita que la CIA participó directamente en las condiciones que hacen MCC más maltratada .
Pero eso me hace un poco por sorpresa , resulta que la CIA se entiende por los dos no CIA representa Agencia Central de Inteligencia, pero la CIA significa Centro de Información Sutondo alias Agus Agus Sutondo Media Center, y ambos dijo que cinco CIA documento secreto que ha estado en la publicación mismos por Agus Centro de Información Sutondo al cinco texto a continuación:
1 . EE.UU. Angry Porque vilipendiada por MCC
2 . MCC no es el Islam , pero los descendientes de Faraón
3 . Como MCC vanidad del personaje Devil
4 . El ex presidente de MCC PKI presuntamente implicados
5 . Entre los sionistas , el presidente de MCC y Miss America
Tanto mi amigo me dijo que a menudo se leen el artículo o blog agussutondomediacenter.blogspot.com Tumaritis Aspiración Park. Ambos dijeron que mi escritura es parte de la información de la comunidad, no sólo una cuestión de información sólo de soborno , sino también los casos de lavado de dinero y la presencia de hermosas mujeres detrás de una carne con barba vórtice negro .
Las acusaciones de conspiración estadounidenses son parte del escenario de elite MCC a tener la impresión de que el MCC como si
ituBola.com JUDI BOLA, AGEN BOLA, AGEN JUDI BOLA PIALA DUNIA  estuviera en dzolimin , cuando las acusaciones de calumnia es alias tontería , porque el hecho de que hasta hoy no pueden probar que el caso de soborno que destruyó el buen nombre de MCC es parte of American Conspiracy .
El mundo virtual es único, mundo sin fronteras y esta distancia finalmente reunir a los dos amigos que estaba , que había estado casi 27 años nunca se conocieron después de graduarse de la escuela secundaria. Reunión sucedió accidentalmente justo cuando estaban ocupados navegar por el mundo virtual , cuando están buscando información sobre los eventos que están sucediendo con MCC principalmente relacionados con el soborno, el blanqueo de dinero y la presencia de las mujeres hermosas detrás del caso.
Sin embargo, la información que pueden existir en realidad en la aspiración parque Tumaritis gestionado por su mejor amigo. Hasta que en broma medio de la comunicación por correo electrónico, tanto mi amigo dijo que la CIA se mostró de hecho de participar en la difusión del caso que está pasando en su MCC cuerpo, la CIA no es la CIA es sinónimo de la Agencia Central de Inteligencia, pero la CIA es sinónimo de información Centro de Agus Agus Sutondo Sutondo o Media Center , Esta obra recuerda la risa y las bromas que a menudo hacemos juntos en los buenos tiempos en la escuela.
Otras noticias :
* Revuelta de la Masacre de campo
* El papel de la Inteligencia Coup Soekarno de la señora Obama
* La historia de Dara Hermosa Celebrity Izquierda Indonesia
* Tres mujeres indonesias escapar de la prisión
* Lema Revelado Isardas Lutfi Hasan Isaaq

ituBola.com JUDI BOLA, AGEN BOLA, AGEN JUDI BOLA PIALA DUNIA* Corrupción MCC So Stories Yammer en China y el Estado egipcio
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Writing ceaselessly popping in kompasiana ,

Writing ceaselessly popping in kompasiana , as an expression of support for the Indonesian team when competing in the SESuperwash Laundry Bisnis Franchise Waralaba Murah di IndonesiaA Games 2011. Especially if it involves the sport of football , and especially if the team against Malaysia . Somehow , Malaysia has always been regarded as a mortal enemy , especially in branch football and badminton .
Various methods are used by the supporters to declare its support for the Indonesian team . As a form of nationalist sentiment , we greatly appreciate the support . But we have to realize , that the support for the national team should be done while maintaining honor . Let us do everything they can sometimes even damage the honor of our nation . We want to win , but we also have to be able to be a good host and honored guests .
Many are already writing to support the national team against Malaysia , which is sometimes flavored with things outside the scope of the exercise. There's even " provoke " with regard not only as an enemy of Malaysia national team , but also as " enemies of the state " . It is based on the attitudes of Malaysia which has indeed often " confrontation " with Indonesia . Call it attitude Malaysia often claim our culture as a culture
Batikpoker.com Judi Poker Online Uang Asli Indonesia   of Malaysia , then many cases of maids abused in Malaysia , shift peg border , claims ownership of the island , and so on . And in the media was too busy participating headlines final meeting heats aura Indonesia vs Malaysia .
Frankly I do not agree with such a viewpoint . Separate sports from the things that can interfere with sportsmanship in the game . Especially if it is associated with politics . Let the problems mentioned above resolved by the parties / authorized agency . Do not occurred to us , that if we win against Malaysia , then these problems by itself is complete . Rather it is thought menina - bobokkan us .
And if we are so " hate " Malaysia because things above , why we do not " hate " is also Singapore , which is a country that is " protecting " criminals escape from Indonesia . And so , there will be a reason to hate a country , which we vent on the international sporting arena .
I recently read th
Rgopoker.com Bandar Judi Poker Situs Poker Online Terpercaya e news fairly flicked our nation's sense of honor , which is about to confide Malaysians who stated that " Indonesian supporters embarrassing " (more information please read here ) . Whether true or not delivered , this should make us introspect . If this is not immediately recognized and evaluated , there will be " retaliation " when Malaysia hosted . Something that certainly we do not want .
Furthermore , about the possibility of doing an anarchist supporters should also be cautious . At the senior national team match against Bahrain at GBK stadium ago , we know there has been quite a firecracker incident tarnished the face of our nation . The match was temporarily stopped , which must be quite embarrassing team and our country . I also just read the news about anarchism queue spectators who do not get admission , which eventually burn ticket booth purchase . This should be wary by the security forces , because this small incident has the potential to dilate when the game later , or after the game , when the team lost ( but I never imagined the team would lose ) . There was more news read here .

Alfamart official partner merchandise FIFA piala dunia Brazil 2014  Well , let's all support our Young Garuda squad while maintaining sportsmanship and honor of the nation . Indonesia Wins ............. Indonesian CAN!