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Therapy abscess disease and many types of techniques

Therapy abscess disease and many types of techniques , ranging from typical treatments such as prescription drugs or not diapotik conventional treatment for conditions such as ulcers with natural materials or one with honey .
Abscesses Conventional Therapy with honey is a simple strategy , even according to the most sedehana writer , how not , honey itself is actually organic and beverages we drink simple water or glucose , no one should be careful - hati
Mall di Jakartakan about this , because the organic matter without effect negative , also if for example you are one drink after that there will be no effect , or even a story you eat honey overdose after nothing happened because all - natural honey , especially the much healthier , otherwise if you are taking medications with chemical lesions synthetic , if you are wrong in their use and even over- dosages can be fatal also to death , because the lesion has a substance abuse policy that must be adhered enthusiastically .
Honey has previously acknowledged the efficacy of long- alcoholic beverages rich , abundant in nutrients and as an ingredient to help treat various diseases showing lesions , evidence that honey is used as the past to go round many ancient works are explained in some countries Caran honey for medicinal , even in religious books as well , described honey as a remedy for people ( al - Qur'an , An - Nahl : 69 ) .
Actually , the main feature of honey associated with diseases of the stomach , where there is abdominal organ that has a function Maasing them , honey is a cure for all components of the human stomach , but lost for here is a cure for the disease abscess . Abscess itself is an endorsement to a special digestive organs organ stands .

Hotel Murah Di Jakarta Ordinary ulcer disease to attack any person not familiar with the age of both young and old , male and female gender , ulcer patients who have spawned or at all , but the condition can strike any individual heartburn when the digestive process is interrupted .
Just how Conventional Ulcer Treatment with Honey ? Pollination and Factors AffectingPapaya is classified in the family Caricaceae . Papaya plants are herbaceous plants , trees have soft tissue , rapidly growing with stems unbranched condition , all parts issued sap , leaves dent like a crown with the petiole hollow like a pipe . Papaya plants can grow well in the tropics and sub ​​- tropics that is located at latitude 32 ° south latitude and 32 ° North latitude . Optimum temperature required is 22-26 ° C , which is good for seed germination is 35 ° C during the day and 26 ° C at night . To produce the best quality fruit , suggested in a state of full sun for 4-5 days until the fruit is fully ripe on the tree . Rainfall is suitable for the growth of the papaya plant is not too large, amounting to 1000-1500 mm per year with a uniform distribution each month . Good soil conditions for growing papaya is a system that has good drainage and aerase , fertile , rich in organic matter , pH 6-7 with a flat topography .
The fruits of flowering plants hermaphrodite ( perfect ) is preferred by farmers and consumers because of the shape of fruits hermaphrodite flowers better than the fruit that comes from the female flowers , fruit quality is also better , pulpy of hermaphrodite flowers are usually thicker than the originating of female flowers . Papaya plants
Inspirasi Kesetiaan bersama Cap Kaki Tigawith hermaphrodite flowers produce fruit with a slightly rounded shape of elongated ataumemanjang favored by markets in Hawaii , Japan , Southeast Asia and Taiwan . So export opportunities for wider hermaphrodite papaya fruit .

Based on the sex of flowers , papaya plant has three sexes , that male plants , female plants and hermaphrodite plants .
a. Male plants .
Male plants are also known as papaya hanging . This type ha simply clicking those resulting male flowers . At the end of the flower panicle sometimes perfectly formed flowers that produce fruit , but the fruit size is usually small . and taste bitter .
b . Female plants .
This species produces only female flowers . Absence of pollen from another plant , this plant does not produce seeds . In general, the resulting fruit is round and fleshy rather thin .

c . perfect Plant
Perfect plants produce two types of flowers , the male flowers and hermaphrodite flowers . Flower shape is unstable , due to genetic influences , and sensitive to the environment or the changing seasons . Responses of plants to environmental stresses such of them produces 4 kinds of perfect flowers , the perfect elongata , pentandria perfect , perfect between and rudimentary . Flowers that produce normal fruit is thick fleshy flower elongata . Flowers do not have a rudimentary pistil so it does not become fruit . Each type of flower produces fruit shape perfectly different .
The results of papaya flowers pollinated with pollen and pistil source of plant opposite sex will produce papaya plants with different sexes with a certain ratio as in Table 1 .
Table 1 . Comparison of the possibility of sex flower plants

papaya from crosses based on the pistil Bandar Judi Poker Situs Poker Online Terpercaya and pollen sources .
Originally pistil

Originally sebuk cider

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