Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Writing ceaselessly popping in kompasiana ,

Writing ceaselessly popping in kompasiana , as an expression of support for the Indonesian team when competing in the SESuperwash Laundry Bisnis Franchise Waralaba Murah di IndonesiaA Games 2011. Especially if it involves the sport of football , and especially if the team against Malaysia . Somehow , Malaysia has always been regarded as a mortal enemy , especially in branch football and badminton .
Various methods are used by the supporters to declare its support for the Indonesian team . As a form of nationalist sentiment , we greatly appreciate the support . But we have to realize , that the support for the national team should be done while maintaining honor . Let us do everything they can sometimes even damage the honor of our nation . We want to win , but we also have to be able to be a good host and honored guests .
Many are already writing to support the national team against Malaysia , which is sometimes flavored with things outside the scope of the exercise. There's even " provoke " with regard not only as an enemy of Malaysia national team , but also as " enemies of the state " . It is based on the attitudes of Malaysia which has indeed often " confrontation " with Indonesia . Call it attitude Malaysia often claim our culture as a culture Judi Poker Online Uang Asli Indonesia   of Malaysia , then many cases of maids abused in Malaysia , shift peg border , claims ownership of the island , and so on . And in the media was too busy participating headlines final meeting heats aura Indonesia vs Malaysia .
Frankly I do not agree with such a viewpoint . Separate sports from the things that can interfere with sportsmanship in the game . Especially if it is associated with politics . Let the problems mentioned above resolved by the parties / authorized agency . Do not occurred to us , that if we win against Malaysia , then these problems by itself is complete . Rather it is thought menina - bobokkan us .
And if we are so " hate " Malaysia because things above , why we do not " hate " is also Singapore , which is a country that is " protecting " criminals escape from Indonesia . And so , there will be a reason to hate a country , which we vent on the international sporting arena .
I recently read th Bandar Judi Poker Situs Poker Online Terpercaya e news fairly flicked our nation's sense of honor , which is about to confide Malaysians who stated that " Indonesian supporters embarrassing " (more information please read here ) . Whether true or not delivered , this should make us introspect . If this is not immediately recognized and evaluated , there will be " retaliation " when Malaysia hosted . Something that certainly we do not want .
Furthermore , about the possibility of doing an anarchist supporters should also be cautious . At the senior national team match against Bahrain at GBK stadium ago , we know there has been quite a firecracker incident tarnished the face of our nation . The match was temporarily stopped , which must be quite embarrassing team and our country . I also just read the news about anarchism queue spectators who do not get admission , which eventually burn ticket booth purchase . This should be wary by the security forces , because this small incident has the potential to dilate when the game later , or after the game , when the team lost ( but I never imagined the team would lose ) . There was more news read here .

Alfamart official partner merchandise FIFA piala dunia Brazil 2014  Well , let's all support our Young Garuda squad while maintaining sportsmanship and honor of the nation . Indonesia Wins ............. Indonesian CAN!

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