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To pemeliharaaan land cultivation should

To pemeliharaaan land cultivation should be done so that the soil does not harden , cultivation is done twice a year . And intensive treatment on the clove plant this should be done since the beginning of the seedbed to adulthood .
Good Climate For Plants CloveThe nature of the climate is to the success of this
Taruhan Bola Online clove cultivation . Plants can not stand the dryness clove , clove tree for dryness can lead to death ( in young trees 1-2 years) , dead twigs ( on mature tree ) , less productive ( the trees are old ) .
Plant cloves requires rainfall between 2000-3500 mm , but the evenly distributed throughout the year . Yet despite the many many aiar need , when rainfall is too high that is above 4,000 mm and resulted in excessive tarnish will result in death .As rain continues to cause damage to the young flowers and can stimulate the growth of algae , moss on the branches and twigs that can almost caused the breakage of twigs and branches .
Plant cloves is perfect with warm temperatures and not too humid , because the spacing on clove trees should be sufficiently broad , ranging from 8 x 8 meters . So good air circulation around the tree . Clove crop was in desperate need ample sunlight , especially during flowering.
The technique produces seeds for breedingTo obtain productive clove trees and quality , then farmers should be able to produce quality seeds for nursery needs . Terms of parent tree seeds layakuntuk taken :

holt healthy
Percabangannya start from the bottom and close
The leaves are lush and never sick
Age 10 years and above
If possible the continuous flowering
The trees will be taken when the seeds should be treated
Pulau Pari  special and privileged , among others, in a way given that a lot of fertilizer . Dosage should pupuknya more of the clove tree is dibijikan . Soil around the tree to be taken are reflected and when the seeds should be added to the manure .

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