Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cassava cultivation in the district of Saber has a very good prospect

Cassava cultivation in the district of Saber has a very good prospect.

With a capital of only about Rp 7 million per
Pulau Tidung hectare, farmers can make a profit of up to Rp 50 million.

It has been proved in the hamlet residents Prosperous New Hope Village District of Saber.
Manioc (cassava) is one of the staple foods we often encounter the day-/day.With increasingly widespread planting of cassava flour in because of the needs of an increasingly meningkat.penerapan cassava technology needs to be applied to the field level by applying appropriate technology packages tailored to conditions of each region (location specific) .Apalagi with the use of organic fertilizer Organic Pesticides Nasa Nasa And that has been proven to increase the production (harvest) for farmers cassava (cassava) .As cassava cultivation techniques as follows:


A. Seeds / StekPenanaman cassava can be done after the seedlings / cuttings and soil prepared. Time. Good for planting is the beginning of the rainy season.
Wisata Pulau Pari This is due to cassava requires water mainly on the vegetative growth of 4-5 months, then the need for water is relatively less.

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