Saturday, July 5, 2014 or by or by human intervention (artificial crosses) thus rose searang highly variable ranging from white, red, yellow, purple, green, blue, and Agen Casino Online Terpercaya
If we can modify itself by conducting experiments roses crosses, it is possible we can contribute new biological species roses and ornamental plants including rare flowers. Automatically be able to make it the standard price of roses becomes higher especially if it is targeted by collectors tanman ornamental.

         Agroindustrial Sector

                    Tanman roses have been very favorable with no harvest handling in the industry (directly used when it has been harvested), especially if we though the crops with the aim of improving the quality and quantity menjasi better and higher uses.
                These crops other than when used as decoration at a party or diperhotelan decoration, also can be used as kosmetk and perfume. Interestingly, that is accor Agen Casino Online Terpercayading to one of the editors with 5 tons of roses to produce 1 liter of perfume seedlings with the selling price reached Rp. 120,000,000, - with 1 liter, it still can be developed so as to achieve profits doubled definitely much greater.

How to grow roses in pots:

     Combine ingredients (soil, manure, sand). Ie the ratio of 1:1:1 respectively / 4, meaning that if we make the soil 1 bucket, then the bucket of manure is also 1, followed by sand quarter bucket. Mix / stir until evenly distributed.
     After that, enter the soil that has been mixed into the pot, the large size of the pot depends on taste.
     Enter, pieces of stems of roses which had been prepared earlier. Plug it into a pot that already contains ground.
     After that, a little flush with water. Store in a cool place and not exposed to direct sunlight enumerated. Try to save on a rather dark place so that the growth of shoots from buds of rose stems and roots also aroused and will follow.
     If you have grown buds, move to the place that gets sun light to begin the process of photosynthesis.
      Flush the plants in the morning or afternoon with regularly at 1-2 months after planting. Agen Casino Online TerpercayaDo not forget to give manure or artificial fertilizer which is specifically provided for planting roses. Fertilizer application is done by immersing depth of soil fertilizer in the outskirts of the pot.

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