Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Classification of the Orchid Month

Classification of the Orchid MonthIn the taxonomy of plants (Cronguis, 1981 in Risa, 2007 and Sukardi, 1991 in Risa, 2007) classification of orchids is as follows:
ituDomino.com JUDI DOMINO, AGEN DOMINO, AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYADivision: MagnoliopthytaClass: LiliopsidaOrder: OrchidalesFamily: OrchidaceaeSub family: OrchidoideGenus: PhalaenopsisSpecies: Phalaenopsis amabilis (L)2.2 MorphologyMoon Orchid Plant morphology as follows:a. RootWhite moon orchid roots are round and elongated and fleshy feel.b. RodPhalaenopsis orchids including trunked monopodial (Sutiyoso and Sarwono, 2009).c. LeafThe leaves are green with a moon orchid elongated round shape.d. InterestOrchid flowers typically have three petals or leaves sepalum. Two of them are called leaf sheath side (sepala literata), while the remaining leaf sheath called back (sepalum dorsale) because it was in the back (dorsal) flower.In addition, the plant also has two orchid petals or Petala are distant from each alternate with sepala. In between there is a section called Petala petalum or flower lip.In the center there is a flower that serves as a means of male and female genitalia being one part. Male genitalia called stermona or stamens, while the female genitalia is called the pistil stalk or gynostemium.
Terms GrowingPhalaenopsis is more suitable to be planted in an area with an altitude of 500-800 m above sea level. The temperature ranges between 18o C - 26o C which has an important role for the growth and flowering. Light is needed Phalaenopsis 1000-1500 fc or sunlight irradiation around 20-30%. Moisture is needed is 60-75% (DARMONO, 2009).2.4 Cultivation TechniquesMoon orchid cultivation techniques according to Gunawan (2008) is as follows:1) Growing MediaIn general, the growing medium should be able to keep moisture around the roots, providing enough air and can withstand a given nutrient. The type of media used is not the same in every region. In Southeast Asia, for example, since 1940 using a growing medium in the form of broken bricks, moss, charcoal, coconut fiber, or stems of ferns. In addition there is also the use of wood shavings (Editor Agromedia, 2007)2) Means of InvestmentMeans planting to plant a potted orchids and sustainer. In this case, the support is necessary for orchids is not easy fall. Pots of potting soil is used, plastic pots or wooden boxes, while normally used for the support wire or bamboo.

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