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the preparation and implementation of the gracious , one of which is the preparation of a pool. If an already qualified then farming activities can be done .

Successful cultivation least itentukan the preparation and implementation of the gracious , one of which is the preparation of a pool. If an already qualified then farming activities can be done .
Now the preparations that need to be done , among others, is preparing a swimming pool that will be of good use for spawning , hatching an egg or seed pool , with clean and dry with a dry swimming pool advance for 5-7 days and then entered
Agen Bola Indonesia the water up to about 40 cm .
2 . Selection Master
To produce good quality seed and the egg , then the selection peru master / master candidate . Are conducted holding goldfish in fish hatchery ponds Partalijulu Village North TAPANULI done to pre male parent and a female parent from the parent pool .
In an arrest mother cows done by sweeping the pond with nets that have been prepared specifically to capture the parent . Once captured , the parent holding diseleksi fit the criteria of a good parent . To find cows mature goldfish gonads can be seen in features such as belly that is growing and urogenital holes in awe. As for holding a mature male gonads and stand urogenitalya hole when gently massaged to produce a creamy white sperm .
3 . Spawning
Spawning fish do Partaijulu TAPANULI Village North is a naturally spawning techniques ( international ) . Spawning is usually done in the afternoon with master insert into the pool with one comparison cows with 1.5-3 kg weight was about 2 years old and the male parent of 3-5 pieces with a weight of 250 grams / tail around 1 year old .
Once the male and female parent entered into breeding ponds then proceed with the installation penggir Eunike around the pond bottom. Eunike an egg paste this place media . Eunike made ​​from ijuk arranged lengthwise ( according to the pool ) , prior to or upon completion of Eunike used used usually Eunike is cleaned and then dried ith a view to pests and diseases disappear until the eggs do not stick to catch a disease .
Installation is done by adding Eunike Eunike where you'd then Eunike ditancap edge with a pin ( from wood or bamboo ) , so Eunike can sink or settle down on the edge of the pond bottom.
Afterwards, feeding on fish in the form of bran to toss it in the middle of the pool ( holding fish usually gather in the middle of the pool ) this meant that in order to stimulate the parent to parent diperlirakan do memijah and spawning at night.
4 . Collection of Eggs
On the morning of the eggs will be seen stuck in Eunike . The eggs are then transferred to the pool penetasa completed while holding the fish moved to the holding pond maintenance .
Eunike of eggs then hatch in the location of
Agen Bola Tangkas the pool below the water surface height + 10 cm, edge Eunike in tancap with a pin ( bamboo or wood ) that can stay submerged . Chance of eggs will hatch after 2-3 days for hatching eggs should water in continuous flow .

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Monday Morning October 22, 2012

Monday Morning October 22, 2012, three visits Rekanita FRENCH citizen belonging to the IHS (Indonesian Heritage Society), assisted by Miss Yuli SUSTAINABLE (second from left) to Garden Center Pilot Cassava Manggu NUSANTARA in Kp BEDOGOL (Babakan Kencana), Village Objects , Cicurug Sukabumi - West Java, they get a detailed explanation about the process of gathering Agen Casino Online and sorting seeds from Mr. Andi Manggu Cassava Cassava brother. (Far left)

Harvesting Cassava Manggu Young Age 7 months with PT. COMMERCIAL BUSINESS FILIPI PEACE - Bandung, from left to right: Mr. Rudi Setiawan Harli, Mr. Jimmy Leonard, Mr. Ir. Iskandar Zulkarnain (Trustees KSU - Agrocassava Archipelago).

Harvesting Cassava Manggu Young age 7 months to SUPPLY I like to plant chips in Ciluar - Bogor

Signing of MOU between PT. COMMERCIAL BUSINESS FILIPI PEACE with KSU - Agrocassava archipelago for Business Development and MANGGU Cassava Cultivation in the archipelago has been carried out on Thursday afternoon date. July 5th, 2012 at Paskal Hyper Square - BANDUNG (from left to right: Mr. Andi brother Cassava, Mr. Ferry, Mr. Ir. Iskandar Zulkarnain and Mr. Rudi Setiawan Harli)

We always put the SORT (Selection) on cassava BREEDING MANGGU which will be sent to the customer.

We treat BREEDING SINGKONG MANGGU Well and Be careful especially when the vehicle is being loaded into Goods Transport Services in order to maintain qual
Agen Judi Onlineity and quality is to remain in a state of Whole and Fresh.

Working Visit / review of court by Mr. Isman (Adi) from LG - KALTIM in connection with the opening of the land area of ​​300 hectares in East Kalimantan and the surrounding area for Expanding Program of Cassava Farming with Team Agrocassava Manggu SOLID archipelago under the coordination of Mr. Andi brother Cassava which program is implemented by the System CLUSTER involving local communities and Farmers will implement System TRIO-OPTIMAL and of course using Cassava Seed Manggu type proven choice SUPERIOR WELL throughout NUSANTARA result.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Collembola are subklass of entognata which

Collembola are subklass of entognata which is the largest phylum of Arthropods (Hopkin 1997). Collembola have a body size between 0:25 and 8 mm (Suhardjono 1992), some may reach 10 mm (Greenslade 1996). Collembola called spring tails (springtails) because it has a tool called furkula skip or Furka on the fourth abdominal segment ventral part. Collembola found in the world around 7500 species from 581 genera are known. 

Collembola in Indonesia there are 124 genera, AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE, AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA  225 species, plus 52 species not yet be described (Greenslade et al. 2000). Collembola are very large population, could reach 100,000 m3 per ground or millions per hectare (Greenslade et al. 2000; Triplehorn & Johnson 2005). The role of Collembola in the ecosystem can not be ignored given the very large number. Collembola role in the food chain as a decomposer of organic matter or detritivor (Greenslade 1996; Hopkin 1997; Triplehorn & Johnson 2005). Additionally Collembola widely used as a biological indicator (bio-indicators) or monitoring (monitoring) of an ecosystem (Hopkin 1997; Saosa et al., 2004; Migliorini 2005). 

Collembola commonly known as the organisms that live in the soil and has an important role as a decomposer soil organic matter. In agricultural ecosystems, Collembola found in abundant quantities. Collembola in agricultural ecosystems is an alternative feed for the various types of predators (Greenslade et al., 2000). Collembola contribute in maintaining the survival of the predators become the natural enemies of various types of pests. This role is very important especially during the low population density of insect pests eg after harvest or during the fallow period (Ponge et al., 2003; Channel, 2004).

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